Japan Hot Spring Hotel Top5

With the beginning of winter in the past, the weather is become more and more cold. If you are planning a Spring Festival to...


Extraordinary Kobe beef – KISSHOKICHI Hon ten

When talking about Kobe, one of the cities in Japan, it is no surprise that Kobe Beef is the first thing the pops up in our...


Blue cave snorkeling

Snorkeling – Blue cave snorkeling

Blue cave, which is the most popular diving spot in Okinawa. Located at maedamisaki, Onna, Okinawa. Blue cave is a typical natural sea cave, from...


Tokyo National Museum (Hatsumode) new year

2017 has been a few days. Japanese New Year also went to the temple worship, the Japanese called "Hatsumode" (は つ も う で),...


New Year’s Eve Purse (Pochi Bag)

Have you ever seen a small "envelopes" sold at some places such as stationery counters in Japan? This kind of  "envelopes" are called  "Pochi...

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