There are a lot of good places to eat in Ebisu area and Ebisu is known for  a treasure chest of food, which Ebisu is the main area for restaurants in Tokyo.

So Today, we would like to recommend  the Japanese noodle restaurant!

Have you ever eaten Ise Udon(伊勢うどん) , Japanese noodles? Japanese people eat Udon often for lunch because it is easy to eat Udon for a short limited time on lunch break time.


「BAR CHI-KYU」 is a bar, but it also provides lunch menu, such as Ise Udon (伊勢うどん) at lunch time. 「BAR CHI-KYU」 has a lot regular customers who come to have lunch so many times.

Chief manager Hiramatsu TakashiSusumu(35)[平松孝将(35) ]is originally from Mie ise-shi where is famous for Ise Udon (伊勢うどん).

「『Kitchen Bar CHI-KYU』」の画像検索結果


Regular Ise Udon

The price is 600 yen , you can add raw egg, fried egg, Tororo Konbu’ (tangle flakes of Konbu kelp), Sakura shrimp butter etc. 9 kind of toppings  with 100 yen.


店内It turns into a bar at dinner time.

You can enjoy several delicious cocktails and alcohol.

Address: HAGIWARA building 6F 12-5 ebisu-1chome, shibuya-ku,tokyo

(東京都渋谷区恵比寿1丁目12-5 萩原ビル6F)

Transportation: JR Ebisu station 3minuts walk from east gate 

Phone number: 03-5422-9236

Open: Monday~Thursday>> Lunch 11:30~14:30
Dinner 18:00~1:00
Friday~ Saturday>> Lunch  11:30~14:30
Dinner 18:00~2:00



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