When documentary film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” is getting well known by people, visit Japan Michelin is listed in the itinerary when they travel to Japan. In addition to the Michelin Guide, there are some other restaurant list for reference. One of it is just updated in Feb29,  2016 Asia’s 50 best restaurants list.

9Narisawa (No.2)

Narisawa is not only in Asia’s 50 best restaurants list, ranked in the world’s 50 best restaurants list is also very near the top in the limelight.

In the world’s 50 best restaurants list, this restaurant ranked from No.14 up to No.8, became the first Japan restaurant to enter the top-ten. In addition, it is also a Michelin two-star restaurant. Chef Mr. Yoshihiro Narisawa has travelled to France, Switzerland and Italy. And after that, he went back to Japan open his own restaurant.  Narisawa is named after him.


Its cuisine combines France and Japan style, and express the chef’s understanding of nature and food essence. For example, when restaurant offers a bread, will ferment bread to expansion slowly in front of the guests. The dishes named “mountain landscape”, looks like a pair of forest landscapes with nature inspired.

Add: 2-6-15 Minami Aoyama, Port Harbor, Tokyo

4RyuGin龍吟 (No.5)

Now, RyuGin has become one of the most famous Japan restaurants in foreign patrons.

In the earlier, RyuGin has released a few foods produced videos on the network. One of the most popular is the famous Molecular Strawberry Dessert. In this form that take a lot of time to make strawberry to another strawberry cuisine, someone like it but someone criticizes. Anyway, you have to admit it that chef Seiji Yamamoto’s spirit for exploration of cuisine.


In order to study the moray eel bone structure, he even does CT scan for moray eels. A reminder, if you go there for Molecular desserts, then you may be disappointed.

Add: 1F Side Roppongi Building, 7-17-24 Metropolitan Port Roppongi, Tokyo


This is the fastest restaurant access to Michelin three-star honor after opening in the history of Michelin. Chef  Hajime Yoneda is a technical man. He resigned and learned cooking, and open a restaurant. Just one year, his restaurant named Hajime has gotten Michelin three-star assessment. Later was demoted to two stars.


This restaurant is not just a simple restaurant. It also hosts Mr. Yoneda’s world view and feelings. On the restaurant’s menu reads “dialogue with the Earth”. Chef hopes that dish represents the Earth and the beauty of life. One of the signature dishes is a salad called “Earth”, made with hundreds of ingredients. Reflects the chef’s imagination and creativity fully.

Add: 1F Edobori Eye Plus Edo-kori, 1-9-11 Nishi District, Osaka city, Osaka Prefecture

15L’Effervescence (No.16)

In 1996, Mr. Shinobu Namae got his law degree, then he decided to learn cooking. He learned in the famous Michelin three-star restaurant Michel Bras and The Fat Duck in Toya Lake of  Hokkaido. In 2010, Mr. Shinobu Namae opened his own restaurant, and got Michelin one-star assessment next year. In 2015, L’Effervescence took his second Michelin star.


Mr. Shinobu Namae’s cuisine with a strong sense of personal style. Every dish on menu has a poetic name. For example, “Like leaves” is a dish covered with a very crisp black cabbage on the Black larynx; “Round the fire night” is the black truffle and beef, express the chef’s feelings and respect for nature.

Add: 2-26-4 Nishi Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo

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