There are many delicious restaurants in the Setagaya area, especially the Mishuku, Sankenchaya area known as the kitchen of the Setagaya inhabitants. Both exquisite cuisine, also cheap and delicious. Special selection of three restaurants you should be taste!

1. Ikejiri area famous shop “OGINO”
“OGINO” since the opening in 2007 is almost always difficult to book.

This western-style pub always gives people a pleasant surprise, appetizer sausage has a  beautiful name called “love.” In addition to using preferential services to seize the hearts of patrons, “OGINO” the pursuit of quality ingredients and unique fresh purchase channels are also long-term support for the reasons for patrons.


Basque pork loin with Sotemadera sauce. The furnace is just right.


You should be order, France grilled sausage (large intestine casing a variety of ingredients)

2. “Golden House” 

Inherited today almost lost the traditional Edo-style hand sushi techniques “hand back.” In Mishuku residential district can be found in the “Gold House” sushi shop owner Mr. Noguchi. Many artists are his loyal fans.


From the top left clockwise are mackerel sushi, tuna sushi, sea eel sushi, Masuko plump sushi


Sea urchin sushi. We are used Rebun Island of sea urchin. To Lijiri Khombu for the food of sea urchin, sweet and rich flavor.
Seaweed and sea urchin fragrance evokes memories of the summer sea.
The most authentic Edo sushi is here.

3. Authentic American restaurant – “Baker Bounce Sankenchaya 

Opened in 2002,  a lot of people was love this shop Hamburg. Store with antique lighting, posters decorated the fifties and sixties of the United States atmosphere.


Wooden environment to create the United States West Coast style. You can spend your leisure time here.


The left picture shows the store logo. The right picture shows the special menu smoked salmon.


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