The Imperial Palace is one of the most populous historic sites of Tokyo. Its historical background from witnessing the change of history makes it charming and special. The Imperial Palace is now located in Chiyoda-Ku of Tokyo, which was called Edo Castle and used to be the house of the shunguns of Tokugawa shogunate. You can make an appointment to visit the Imperial Palace except the part where the Royal family lives which is not opened for visitors. The East Garden of the Imperial Palace occupies the one fourth of the total area. Across the Niju-bashi Bridge and keep walking for 10 minutes you can see the beautiful views of the Garden. Now let me show you two places of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace.

1.Ninomaru Garden

Ninomaru Garden is in the central part of the East Garden. It is a cloister style garden which was produced by Kobori Enshuu in Edo period.


It is a traditional Japanese garden, where you can enjoy the different views in each seasons. Spring for flowers, summer for greens, autumn for red leaves and winter for snow. Now is the time for red leaves whose reflection on the lake makes the whole garden more attractive.


  1. The castle tower

The castle tower is near to the Kisosansha-hasi Gate which connects The East Garden and the Kitanomaru Park. It was not only a tough military defense but also a symbol of right as a political center.  But unfortunately it was burned in a fire in the Meiji Period and only the ground mass was remained.


Opening Time

1st March~14th April  9:00 am~16:30 pm(the admission deadline is 16:00pm)

14th April~the end of August 9:00 am~16:30 pm(the admission deadline is 16:30pm)

1st September~the end of October 9:00 am~16:30 pm(the admission deadline is 16:00pm)

1st November~the end of February 9:00 am~16:30 pm(the admission deadline is 15:30pm)

Notes:The garden will be closed

(1) Every Monday and Friday unless a national holiday excluding the birthday of the Empire(If a Monday happened to be a national holiday, the garden will close in the next day)

(2)During the 28th December to the 3rd January of the next year

(3)If there is a ceremony or something like that to be held in the garden.

You can pass in and out from the Otemon Gate, the Hirakawa Gate and the Kisosansha-hasi Gate. (You can get a ticket at the window in each gate and return it when you get out)


Take the subway(Tokyo Metro)→get off in the Otemachi Station→walk for 1minute to the Otemon Gate

Address:The East Garden of the Imperial Palace, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-3213-1111(Tuesday~Thursday)

03-3213-2050(Saturday, Sunday and the national holidays)

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