Comfortable and dry autumn has been more than half of the sunny autumn day, do not nest in the heating room, go out and enjoy the leaves it!
For everyone to provide Japan’s top three ornamental leaves of the Holy Land!

1. Japan’s Central Alps ~ Komagatake cable car at Senjojiki Cirque 


Thousands of applications from the name of its glacial land forms. From the elevation of 2612m across the thousands of coated cable car overlooking birch and other trees of the leaves, as if walking in the leaves over.


Address:759-489 Ako, Komagane City, Nagano
Tel: 02-6583-3107
Cable car fee: 2260 yen for adults (round trip) · 1130 yen for children (round trip)
Access: From JR Iida Line Komagane Station, take a shuttle bus to reach the cable car. About 45 minutes.

2. Shosenkyo


National Sightseeing Sites of NO. 1 Shosenkyo, where you can watch the growth time difference of one month leaves. You can also watch the beautiful scenery of the Shosenkyo Falls. November is held here in the red leaves festival, do not miss it!


Address: Hirasako, Hirakachi, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi
Tel: 055-251-8181
Access: From JR Kofu Station, take the Yamanashi Transportation Bus (up to 50 minutes)

3. KaoruArashiKei

The two sides, cover about 4000 maple trees, red leaves of the season the surface is also rendered with a red. November 1 to November 30 for the leaves festival, there are a variety of activities and lanterns, do not miss!


Address: Aichi-machi, Toyota City, Aichi
Tel: 0565-62-1272
Transportation: Take Meitetsu Toyoda Line to jiousui station and take the Toyota bus hiyakusou direction (about 60 minutes), KaoruArashiKei station and get off.
Alternatively, take the Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line to Higashi Okazaki Station and take the Meitetsu Bus (70 minutes). Get off at KaoruArashiKei Station.

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