Noboribetsu hot spring is the most representative hot spring area in Japan. It is also the best and most popular hot spring. It is known as “Japan’s first spring” and is located in a small town on the southwest side of Hokkaido.
Noboribetsu area is volcanic-prone areas, rich in geothermal and precipitation for the spa provides the conditions for the surface precipitation into the ground after the magma met with the hot to form a rich variety of trace elements in hot springs.


According to the water contained in the different components, Noboribetsu spring is divided into 11 kinds: sulfur spring, salt springs, alum springs, gypsum spring, bitter spring, green vitriol spring, iron springs, heavy springs. Various hot springs according to the composition of different diseases can play a different treatment and mitigation role.


Noboribetsu hot spring temperature between 45 ℃ -92 ℃, very suitable for the human body, a variety of skin diseases, trauma scars have a certain effect, and has a blood circulation, sedation, relaxation, just a few hours on the bubble, can wash away a tired, charge full of energy. It is advisable to purchase a bottle of milk to drink at the vending machine in the spa facilities after the hot spring, and to drink a bottle of milk in the hot spring, which will make people feel more comfortable and the skin will be more elastic.


It is a few minutes walk from Noboribetsu hot spring street to Hell Valley. Hell Valley is the source of Noboribetsu’s hot spring and the most famous attraction of Noboribetsu hot spring.


Hell Valley is a volcanic eruption of the site, constantly emitted from the underground thick sulfur gas, and rolling out hot water and steam, make you feel as if the body into the ear hell.
To the fall, the path along the cliff is devastated to the side of the valley, the mountains are covered with red leaves on both sides of the landscape, a great contrast landscape is a major Aspect. Large marsh in the depths of Hell Valley, along the path along the cliff walk a few minutes to reach the feet can also be foot massage, tired foot can relax the foot plantar nerve.

Address: Noboribetsu Onsen, Noboribetsu, Hokkaido
Arrival: From JR Sapporo Station to JR Noboribetsu Station, take the bus to Noboribetsu Onsen Station and take the bus for about 15 minutes.
Admission: free of charge (excluding hot spring baths at the spa facilities and other self-financed recreational programs).
Opening hours: All day


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