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In the last article that I had introduce the four popular goods in Japanese drug store. Now let us go on.

5. Skin labo Facial lotion

This brand is a very smooth muscle research moisturizing lotion since I use it from domestic university. Moisturizing effect did not say, and it is divided into several series, to meet the different skin conditions of the guests.

Skin lab Facial lotionSkin lab Facial lotionSkin lab Facial lotion

The most basic is the white bottle, the atmosphere of white green and moisturizing of white red; red bottle increased the effect of increasing the elasticity of the skin; blue bottle main whitening; green bottle is mainly used for skin first aid to keep the skin water and oil balance; golden bottle is taken into account the mature muscle, light mature muscle users, nutritional ingredients are also included.

6. Sofina oil control make-up base

Sofina’s make-up base cream is a”lodestar” of Japanese cosmetics isolation series. Its effect is not inferior to any big, but the price is very beautiful.

SOFINA oil breast makeup base

Moisturizing on the basis of oil control, but also invisible pores, skin decoration, no wonder so many Japanese sister love it.


  1. DHC lip balm

DHC lip balm

A lip balm that can be used throughout the year, safe to use without added ingredients, no aroma, suitable for use at all times. Moist but not greasy, very high lips moisturizing effect.


  1. Kao curel moist cleansing milk

Kao curel cleansing milk

It is suitable for any skin type, especially the sensitive muscle savior. Milky texture, comfortable and gentle on the face, and after use it, the skin will not cause damage to the stratum corneum of the friction, clean and moisturizing. There will not be a burden to anyone using at any season.


  1. Biore sunscreen

Sunscreen in a durable “fighter”, is really affordable and easy to use. When summer arrives, it will appear in bags of men, women and children.

Biore sunscreen

Refreshing gel texture, very easy to apply a large area of the body, rinse with water can be removed, as the daily out of the body sunscreen is simply appropriate. Moist but not greasy, and have very high lip moisturizing effect.


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