As the birthplace of the KAWAII culture, Harajuku is full of fantastic colors and is known as a modern city gathering all kinds of new fashion elements. Everything unique and special is normal here. Today I will introduce you a very special Harajuku style café which is so KAWAII and colorful just like an amusement park—KAWAII MONSTER CAFÉ


This café is produced by the art director of the MV of the famous Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sebastian Masuda. You can get an imagination of how the café would be look like through the MV of her song 「PONPONPON」which shows a scene like a colorful fantasy world. In one word, the café is totally too kawaii for me to describe by wards. I will show you some pictures and you can try to feel the atmosphere by yourself.


When you entry the café, you can see there is a big beautiful merry-go-round in the shape of colorful cake which is so childish and romantic. There are 4 different parts in different style, bringing you different experiences in one café.


MUSHROOM DISCO is full of beautiful poisonous mushrooms


MILK STAND lots of head of animals and baby-feeding bottles are hanging from the ceiling


Bar Experiment is a bar covered by a big blue jellyfish.


Mel-Tea ROOM there are lots of colorful and delicious macaroons.


Even the toilet is so gorgeous, and the order machine is made in a shape of cake which make me want to have a bite.

Then have a look at the food and drink here. Everything they provide looks so beautiful and colorful just like a piece of work. I can’t even take a bite of it.


The colorful pasta in a plate designed palette and a cake looks like a rainbow.

Why not having a fantasy journey just like Alice’s adventures in wonderland in this colorful and a little bit lustrous and dazzling café which is so creative, original and artistic. It must be so fun.

Address: 4-31-10 Jinkumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-5413-6142

Opening time: 11:30〜22:30

Access: JR Yamanote Line Harajuku station or Tokyo Metro Line Meiji-Jinkumae station No.5 Exit


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