Shabu-shabu is a traditional Japanese hot pot dish which is loved by almost every Japanese people especially in cold winter. Different from the Chinese hot pot dish which you can put anything you like in the pot, Japanese hot pot dish can be divided into many different kinds according to the different materials be used as the main and the different ways of eating. Such as sukiyaki-nabe, seafood-nabe, chicken-nabe, chige-nabe, etc. Shabu-shabu is just one kind of it. Today, I want to recommend you a famous restaurant which has a history of more than 50 years to enjoy the authentic shabu-shabu, its name is TSUKITE.


In the warm and comfortable environment of the restaurant which was built in Sukiya zukuri , a Japanese traditional architectural style with the decoration of some rocks and a little stream to make you feel the nature, you can enjoy the superior and delicious hida beef with special horseradish source made by the restaurant as well as the rich banquet menu of the seasonal food.


The recommendation is the hida beef shabu-shabu with the specially-made horseradish source.


Restaurant Information

Address: 1-39-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Access: 5-minitu-walk from the west exist of JR Ikebukuro Station

Open hour: MON-FRI.:17:00~23:00(LO 22:00)

SAT, SUN, and Holidays: 15:00~23:00(LO 22:0

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