Traveling Tokyo just by walking around it like the other people do not satisfies you anymore? Then you need to check this out! A wonderful idea of looking around Tokyo with yourself cosplayed by a kart. It sounds interesting and cool right? Do you want to try it? All you need to provide is just a driving license, including an international license, you can drive a kart on Kawaii clothes to travel many famous spots of Tokyo, which is so eye-catching and exiting. If you are a funny guy who like to attract people’s attention, you can’t miss it! It will make you feel like a super star.

開著卡丁車逛東京,开着卡丁车逛东京,driving a Maricar

There is a guidance leading the road for you, so no need to worry about getting lost. Every kart has a speaker so that you can enjoy the music while driving, which makes it much more awesome. They will stop at some spots and give you some time to take photos.

開著卡丁車很吸引眼球,开着卡丁车很吸引眼球,it is eye-catching driving a maricar in Tokyo

You can choose the cartoon clothes you like to cosplay yourself.

打扮成卡通人物,打扮成卡通人物,cosplay yourself make it more interesting

Route: Tokyo tower→ Roppongi→Shibuya

Driving time: 2 hours

Age limit: above 18

Number of participates: more than 2 people

Number limit in one group: 2-10

Activity Holding period: The whole year

Opening Time: 10:00‐22:00

Hosted by: MariCar Shinagawa

Address: 1-23-15 Kita-Shingawa, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo

Access: 3-minute walk from Keikyu North Shinagawa Station, 12-minute walk from JR Shinagawa Station

Tel:  03-6894-1511

Appointment Deadline: 5pm one the day before

Required Items: a driving license

Free Rent: mask, no degree glasses, helmet, speaker, car navigation

Fee: 5500JPY one person

Official Website:

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