When it comes to Japan’s most famous zoo, people will naturally mention the Tokyo Ueno Zoo. Today, when it comes to the most popular, was undoubtedly located in Hokkaido, Asahikawa City, the outskirts of the Asahiyama Zoo, jumped to the largest number of visitors to the zoo in Japan.
People who come to Asahiyama Zoo have a common feeling that “animals are jumping.” To make animals “jump”, we must first let them have a comfortable, natural living environment, to this end, Asahiyama Zoo find ways to create a variety of conditions for them.


In the seals museum, people can also see animals in the water lively gesture. Seal Museum has a large tank connected with a diameter of 1.5 meters of the cylindrical “sea”, which is specifically for the nature of the seals like the movement of the design and construction.


The Penguin Pavilion houses four types of penguins, including King Penguin. There is a water tunnel in the museum, visitors can watch the penguins swimming back and forth in the water from here. The penguin will jump very quickly in the water, it is difficult to imagine it walking on the land when the rickety look lovely.


In each museum can see a variety of exciting special effects, including the polar bear museum is a popular gathering of the museum, a large number of visitors across the glass with interest to watch polar bears for the bait and leap into the pool of flexible posture.

Address: Asahikawa-cho, Asahikawa City
Winter Park: November 11, 2016 to April 9, 2017
Holidays: December 30, 2016 to January 1, 2017
Opening hours: 10:30 to 15:30
Admission: Adults (high school students and above) ¥ 820, free for junior high school students and younger
Website: http: //www.city.asahikawa.hokkaido.jp/asahiyamazoo/index.html

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