When it comes to Japanese anime, lots of people aged around 20-30 might immediately bring the cute and miraculous Doraemon to mind, the robotic cat who always has unbelievable gadgets in his pocket to help his friends. The Fujiko museum would be a perfect place to have fun if you are a fan of Doraemon. The intention of it is to explore where the creator Fujiko・F・Fujio’s concept was emerged from, as well as to present the pleasure of anime creation by exhibiting mostly his original pictures. You could feel his “affection” and “geniality” expressed in his work.

There is a variety of exciting facilities here, from exhibition room displaying Fujiko·F·Fujio’s own original pictures; reading room and theater room playing exclusive films not available elsewhere; zones where you could meet the cute characters; cafeteria where visitors can enjoy their meals in Doraemon shape; and souvenir shop filled with attractive items.


ホ「ミナヘシニャ_20180116203313ホ「ミナヘシニャ_20180116203306Treat yourself a Doraemon meal while interacting with other fans in this amazing café would be a very unique experience.



The museum requires reservation so that every guest can fully enjoy the museum. Each day except every Tuesday and public holidays, entry time is divided into four sessions–
(1)10:00 (2)12:00 (3)14:00 (4)16:00, you have to enter no later than the time you have reserved. You can get the tickets from Lawson convenient store in Japan in advance as there is no ticket office in the museum for on-site purchase.


There is no parking lot available so public transportation is the best way to get there. You can take the cute Doraemon shuttle bus service running from Noborito Station (Odakyu line or JR Nanbu line).

The address is:
〒214-0023 Kanagawa-ken, Kawasaki-shi, Tama-ku, Nagao, 2 Chome−8−1

Please check the official website for more details:

Writer: Amber