American Village is a comprehensive cultural, commercial facilities, shopping and entertainment as one of the tribes.
Its eye-catching logo is about 50 meters in diameter large viewing car. American Village has a 3D mapping-based entertainment facilities, eight screen cinemas, shopping centers, bowling alleys, American restaurants, recording studios, entertainment centers, imported grocery stores, as well as sports complex facilities.

Address: 16-2, Minamihama, Kitakumacho, Nakato-gun, Okinawa
Official website:
Opening hours: All day. Shops and restaurants for 11: 00-21: 00, the Ferris wheel for 11: 00-23: 00

Okinawa Children’s Kingdom
Is a comprehensive theme park. There are zoos, fantasy art galleries, and children’s centers. They not only prepared for the children a lot of recreational projects, but also for adults to provide a variety of recreational facilities. Okinawa Children’s Kingdom is a fun place for the whole family to play.

Address: 5-7-1, Hokaya, Okinawa City,Okinawa
Official website:
Opening hours: October – March 9:30 – 17:30 (Admission is 16:30) Closed on Tuesdays


Fruit hall
Imitation of Shuri Castle “Goten” and built, is the local well-known Japanese-style pastry shop. This dessert palace, which is built with the main hall of Shuri Castle, is made with the specialties of Okinawa, and the purple potato and the sugar are the representative products. And many of the products are all Japan’s famous one. Dessert Palace is another worthy of recommendation is its scenery. From the restaurant or the second floor of the coffee shop can look into the East Sea, the back is broad and quiet sunshine beach, where a walk, feel the peace of Okinawa.


Address: 657-1 uza, Yomigaramura,Chutougun,Okinawa
Official website:
Opening hours: 8:30 to 21:00


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