National Nature Park is located on the west coast of the island of Okinawa Onna Village. Ten thousand Mao which is located on a cliff above the sea is one of the best views in Okinawa. The cliff is a vast grass,  in the cliff , overlooking the magnificent scenery is incomparable. “Ten thousand” means “ten thousand people sit down,” “Mao” is the Okinawan dialect, means a clearing overgrown, so “ten thousand gross” refers to the lawn can accommodate large people to sit down. Here you can enjoy both the sky and sea, but also overlooks the coral reefs under the cliffs.

18In the open field under the cliffs and blue ocean


When walking on a clean road,you will be healed by the feeling of sea breaze and  beautiful scenery.


When crossing the ancient GUYULI Bridge ,you will surely be amazed at the beauty appeared in front of you .

img_1063“Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium” located in Haibo park is the epitome of Okinaw ocean.A total of 650 kinds of fish extracted, 75000 all kinds of strange fish displayed for viewing, let people feel like that they are in the depths of the sea. In the world’s largest fish tank which is well knowned as the lartgest plexiglass in Guinness recognized ,there are up to 7 meters sharks and giant Manta Ray,and so a whide variety of fish swimming in front.

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