After Japanese paper was born, using paper to wrap up sacrifices and gifts has become a custom in Japan. Later, out of the rituals and the constraints of the rules, people will fold the paper as a form of entertainment, which is formed the current “origami.” Now, origami has been popular all over the world, and is constantly evolving.


Origami mainly uses the different texture and performance of the paper. It adopts folding, stacking, rolling, turning, inserting and other techniques, supplemented by cutting, joining, embedding, painting and painting techniques to show the spatial image of various objects. Origami is an ancient traditional art, with a wide range of materials, folding method is easy to learn, vivid image, lively and beautiful modeling and so on. Origami is the point, angle, line repeated overlap, constitute a triangle, square, diamond and other shapes, you can open up the creativity and imagination.


This is the two-color color tissue paper pasted together, as a piece of paper to fold, folding out a single shape of origami works. A 60 cm wide square of paper that become a width of 15 cm, 5 cm high chameleon size.


“Combined origami” is a method of folding a plurality of sheets into the same shape, and then connecting the members to each other.

“Folding technology” borned in Japan originated in a wide range of academic research and application. For example, automotive airbags, robots that can change shape, human tissue engineering, and so on. Today, the originality of origami has been applied to a wide range of areas in the world by people’s attention. If you want to actually experience these novel origami, may wish to look at the following facilities.

  1. Japan Origami Museum (Narita Airport)

Business Hours: 08: 30-20: 00

Location:  Terminal 1 Central Building 3F

TEL: +81-476-32-7060

2. Origami House (Japanese)

Address: 1-33-8-216 Hakusan, bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo

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