Winter is coming, which means that the Skiing season is coming too. There is no reason for us not to enjoy the beautiful snow since it is the gift of nature. I still remember how interesting and exiting it was by skiing in Nakano last year. Can’t wait to go skiing but have no idea where can we enjoy skiing best in Japan? Don’t worry, today I will recommend you some good ski resorts in Nakano for you since I have made a lot of research. Why Nakano? Nakano Prefecture is surrounded by the Alps and the other mountains which make this place so beautiful and natural. The air here is so fresh too. Because of the superior geography and climatic environment, many ski resorts have been built here which makes Nakano so popular with not only Japanese but also the people from all over the world. Besides, there are many natural hot springs in Nakano which can serve you a comfortable and relaxing hot spring bath after skiing. Isn’t a wonderful enjoyment in winter? Here are some famous ski resorts that I would like to recommend you.


HAKUBA is one of the most famous place for skiing not only in Japan but also in the world. The soft powder snow and the beautiful scenery here attract many skiers from all over the world. The advanced accommodation environment and the delicious food as well as the perfect and considerate guidance and service are the reasons why people would like to come here no matter how far it is. However, since there is no ski training service, it may be more suitable for those who have some skiing experience.

016-560x420SpecialtyAbundant snowfall of powder snow, advanced accommodation environment, equipped with Kids Area, have word level skiing area in forest specially for professional, can enjoy skincare spring.

Address399-942212860-1, Otari Chikuniotsu, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture.

Opening periodDec.10,2016-Apr.2, 2017

Opening time8:3017:00

Available hotelGreen Plaza Hakuba Hotel

399-942212860-1, Otari Chikuniotsu, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture.

AccessTokyo Station→train(3 hours 25 minutes) →Minami Otari Station→free shuttle bus(20 minutes) →destination

OrTokyo International Airport Station Haneda→train(4 hours 15 minutes) →Minami Otari Station→free shuttle bus(20 minutes) →destination

2. IIZUNA Ski Resort

Take Shinkansen from Tokyo Station, it only takes 2 hours to reach the ski resort. There are many kind of ski tracks here such as the 2500 meters long ski track, the ski track of nature snow, and the super wide track which is about 100 meters, which can satisfy not only elementary skiers, intermediate skiers but also advanced skiers.


If you have a great mind to go skiing but just cannot go because you have little children. Don’t worry, come to IIZUNA Ski Resort, it has a special bob-run area specially for children equipped with snow lift. Besides, there is a child-care center which can take care of the children from 1years and 6 moths to 6 years old. Suitable for a family trip with little children, right?


SpecialtyAlso opens in the night, have a park and a child-care center, special ski training class(not free)

Address2755-209 Kawakami Kamiminochi-gun Izunamachi, Nagano

Opening periodDec.23, 2016-Mar.20, 2017

Opening time8:3016:30 for the daytime

                         18:30-21:40 for the night

Not open in the night every Sunday and Monday during Jan.1, 2017-Mar.2, 2017(except for Jan.13 and Feb.10)

AccessTokyo Station→train(1 hour 40 minutes) →Nakano Station→taxi(30 minutes) →destination

OrHaneda International Airport Station→train(2 hours 30 minutes) →Nakano Station→taxi(30 minutes) →destination

OrNarida International Airport Station→train(3 hours 10 minutes) →Nakano Station→taxi(30 minutes) →destination

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