If you come to Japan, there is a place that you can’t miss it! It is called [Daikanyama], which is in the trendy area of Tokyo – Shibuya , belonging to the Tokyo high-class residential area. looking at each household housing structure,  the parked luxury car, you will understand where is Daikanyama. Although it belongs to Shibuya area, but it opposite to the the trouble of Shibuya – quiet and relaxed, is the biggest feature here! However, here is the source of fashion in Tokyo, many of the most cutting-edge advice from Japan are out of here. Many of the trend of artists, stylists, designers are working or living here, and even a roadside shop will give you a pleasant surprise! Even as long as you just look at the street can immediately grasp the latest popular information, after all, where each of the pedestrians who are walking on the way is also like a fashion symbol! There are many foreign embassies and foreign residential areas at Daikanyama, so there is no wonder when you met many foreigners on the road.


Today I will introduce a famous bookstore at Daikanyama named [Tsutaya]!


DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS, the TSUTAYA for grownups,is tied to the theme of “A Library in the Woods.”Three building wings connect together along Magazine Street,
a 55-meter long aisle that cuts through the middle at ground level.


The reason why this bookstore in Japan so famous,  is not only because of its location, more importantly, is because of its amazing design! Nonsense that, on the map!


Magazine Street is brimming with current issues of periodicals from around the world.The rich collection of books, is absolutely unique in Tokyo!

Every last title, right here–the video department is intent on offering a complete selection from Japan to the world.