Enjoy an evening of Kyoto-style cooking served in a relaxed atmosphere.


The word “Nada” comes from the Sanskrit word for sound, and in choosing that name, owner Yoko Araki aimed to evoke the idea of an orchestra.

Guests of various generations and occupations gather under one roof, and she wants to create a space that reverberates in a way that makes every diner comfortable.

Under Araki’s baton, guests are provided with intimate hospitality in a comfortable space.


Enjoy the dinner of Kyoto-style cooking on the counter.

Poach vegetable is the main dish of female favorable reception.


Stand on the Meji Dori, you can fell the Taisho Romance from the façade of this restaurant.

Antique porcelain is used for dishes.


One such ingredient is Miyazaki herb beef, which they purchase directly from the farm. The beef tenderloin cutlet provides a rich, red-meat flavour that pairs well with a glass of domestic wine.


Sashimi will be dished depends on number of people.


5kinds of dishes combination platter. 1500JPY

Restaurant info

Restaurant name: Washoku-Lounge Nada(和食らうんじ ナーダ)

Address: Fuji Bldg 1st Floor, 2-23-8 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, , Tokyo, 150-0011

Hours of Operation:Mon~Fri 18:00~(L.O.23:30)/Sat 18:00~(LO.22:30)

Closed: Sundays・National holidays


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