I have been in Japan for so long time, still can’t break the habits of going to the drug store, a part of monthly income is devoted to the drug store. Today, online shopping is becoming more and more popular today, shopping from a purchasing agent which infiltrate all comers of people’s daily life, especially the people who love overseas online shopping must know someone doing purchasing agent in Japan.

Although seeing the information of shopping in FB or tw everyday, you still cannot repress the desire to shopping, isn’t it? Eat delicious food and go sightseeing is not the only thing to do in Japan, the most important thing is to “buy buy buy”. Those things you listed to buy before came to Japan had been confused your eyes already. Whether you come to Japan first time, or confused by the long shopping list, if only follow the information about  shops blowing I set out for you, you can find what you want to buy easier.

1.Drug store

Japan’s drug store is countless and located in the streets near to every station. Ranked first in Japan, known to foreigners is “Matsumoto Kiyoshi  drug store”.


Important is that in most of the drug stores, you can buy health care and skin care and cosmetic products by made in Japan.

Especially, some large drug store will also set the counter for SK-II, Shiseido, Kose, Kanebo, and with luck,  you will not miss 10%~30% discounts. (You can print the coupon on the official website.)


2.@Cosme Store

At the best famous drug store of health care and make-up merchandise in Japan, you can find the most popular items and best-selling merchandise in here.


When you walk in the shop, you can see a ranking corner immediately. The most popular items top5 are displayed on it. It’s convenient to find what you want by the ranking.


The most important is that many items are only sold in Cosme Store. If you want to know about the make-up information, here is the best choice for you.

(To be continued.)

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