I have introduced two shops for you to buy the cosmetic products and some popular high street brand goods conveniently in Japan in the last post, now here are another 3 shops for you to get the premium brands, household items and electrical products. Let’s go and check it out.

  1. Isetan Department Store

It is a hot shopping paradise which is popular not only with normal people but also with the stars and beauty experts from all over the world. As a high-class shopping mall, it collects all kinds of word-renowned premium brands of Japan and the other countries. The cosmetic brands like CPB, COSME DECORTE, ALBION, SK-II and POLA, and the other high-grade brands of clothes, bags, watches and shoes can all be found here.


Expensive but high quality, recommend for those who like premium brand goods.


  1. MUJI Shop

It is an enjoyable thing enough for me to just look around in MUJI. I think if you are a household goods lover too, you may not agree more with me. That famous singer of China Wang Fei is also a MUJI fan.


From snacks, stationary to the cosmetic and the household goods, all the products in MUJI are simple in appearance but excellent in quality. Simple but grand in style and quality and the most important thing, the favorable price make MUJI an extremely popular brand all over the world. A must-go shop for travels who like simple things.

  1. Bic Camera

A famous Japanese electric appliances mall which gathers all kinds of advanced electric products of Japan. The high level of the science and technology of Japan is not only used in industry but also in the daily life of Japanese, which you can find from all these electric products here like rice cookers, vacuum cups, hair driers, electric toothbrushes and beauty apparatus. It is one of the most popular shopping malls for foreigner travels who pursue the high quality Japanese products.


Some of the Bic Camera shops even have a special corner for baby products, lots of baby needs can be found there. (you can get a coupon from the magazine in the airport or on the official website)


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