At July 16, Fuji-Q Highland Japan new flight amenities name of テンテコマ (hand ancient dance) officially opened. This is the Fuji-Q Highland since 2011, the introduction of roller coaster “high speed” since after a lapse of five years, new facilities open.


Hand ancient dance “consists of a tower and the overhead arm consisting of 12 towers, each tower arm hanging two seats. Tourists sitting in the chair can rise up to an altitude of 32 meters, a diameter of 18 meters round the track flying in the air. each seat has two wings, visitors can freely rotate wings swaying, after the operation of skilled can withstand continuous lateral rotation.


Name: テンテコマ (hand ancient dance)
Reach the highest point: about 34 yard (※ body height of 42 yard)
Maximum speed: 24mile
The time required: about 3 minutes
Capacity: 24 persons
Restriction of car: 4 feet 3.18 inch
Ling system limit: under 60 years old

price: 8 dollars

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