What do you imagine when you hear the words “SNOW MONSTER”? A snow man? Movie world? Actually, it is referred to nature creates the valuable work “Hoar frost”. Countless works of art like a monstrous creature. Hoar Frost is not just the trees covered in snow. Moisture in the air is cooled to below 0 degrees, blown by strong winds, accumulated in the frozen Fir in  Aomori evergreen coniferous forest. Such conditions in the world of snow-covered areas are also very rare. In Japan, mainly in the northeastern region.


Mori prefecture/Hakkoda

In the winter period, ski and play snowboard in the vast nature, you can experience snow monster and the perfect powder snow. Go to Hakkoda in winter, you can enjoy the fun of winter sports. Because of this, Hakkoda attracts many skiing enthusiasts every year.

From Hakkoda Ropeway Mountain top Park Station, take a walk on icefield zone near the Hoar Frost, shuttle between the snow monster wearing snow shoes. Just put on snowshoes, novice can walk on the snow easily.

Time: In mid-January ~3 months

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Akita prefecture/Moriyoshi Mountain

After taking the cable car in the Aniski ski facility, just take five-minute walk you will see Aomori Fir flashing white light. Endless plains welcome your visit. Each visitor can easily enjoy the 360 degree  magnificent panoramic views.


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Yamagata prefecture/Zao


In Zao, you can see the night SNOW MONSTER “Hoar frost”. In the silent, fully dark,  colorful lights will bring out Hoar’s profile, just like immerse in the world of fantasy.  Compare with shining white light in the day it is very different in the night.

In the winter night, Zao will be decorated with fantasy lights. Let’s get on the warm snow car “Night Cruiser” begin to explore!

Time: The second half of December ~ the first half of March


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