Japan’s convenience is famous, because the use of all kinds of ingredients, not only nutritionally balanced, and beautiful colors. Japan’s convenience through evolving, derived from the “cartoon lunch” this unique convenience form, using a variety of ingredients to depict the popular cartoon image, cute animals, and even portrait cartoons or scenery.

In Japan, since ancient times, people in order to discuss the children like, often play in the convenience of whimsy, such as the convenience of the sausage made into octopus shape, or white rice covered with seaweed produced a variety of patterns and paintings. Since 2000, ordinary housewives have made their own cartoons released in the personal blog and other media, gathered a high popularity, so that the publication of the relevant cooking books. Now, there are many groups in Japan cartoon lunch, according to the degree of graceful design and nutritional balance of the degree of selection.


Now, you can shop in the street supermarket, kitchen shop, children’s store, hundred dollars shop and other stores to buy all kinds of Ling Lang everywhere cartoon tools, anyone can use these tools to easily produce cartoon lunch. The price is very reasonable, it is suitable as a gift gift travel friends and relatives. You may also wish to challenge yourself in the cartoon. Guaranteed to be the focus of family gatherings and picnics!


This set contains the rice cut and the template, you can easily draw the popular cartoon character Doraemon beauty face image.


As long as ready to cut rice and vegetables and seaweed embossing device, you can easily create a lovely shape Hello Kitty lunch.

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