I always think that Japan is a high quality country pursuit of refinement and beauty. Japanese play a delicate and sensitive aesthetic in the field from food to beauty, clothing, building and so on. Sometimes, we have to admire Japanese for perfectionism and serious working attitude. In a country like that, no matter how beautiful things you saw as such is not at all surprised. Just like this dessert shop I will recommend you today—-“Bavarian cream flowers ~ Havaro”.

商标, 商標,logo

May be you like flowers so much, but have you ever eaten it? “Bavarian cream flowers ~ Havaro” makes dessert by seasonal flowers. May be you think it is no big deal, make dessert by flowers isn’t a news to you. However, you must have not ever seen so beautiful dessert is made of flowers like that.

好看的甜品,好看的甜品,beautiful dessert

The dessert of “Bavarian cream flowers ~ Havaro” is made of special edible flowers what is different from ornamental. Edible flowers not only have beautiful outside, but also contains nutrition like vitamins, minerals. It is also popular with many people in Japan as health food. In one year, four seasons, there are 30 kinds of edible flowers are planted. Using flowers to cook has been also a Japanese tradition since ancient times, such as Chrysanthemum, Perilla, Cherry Blossom etc.

可食用鲜花,可食用鮮花,Edible flower

This dessert shop provides three series for Bouquet, Fleur, Pètale. Each series has a different flavor.  Each flavor using different flowers. Bring you enjoyment of taste along with Visual enjoyment.

Firstly, the Bouquet looks like a Donut. Diameter 15cm, have several flavors such as Vanilla Yogurt, Strawberry, Orange, Chocolate, Cream cheese and Green tea.

Second, the Fleur is round, diameter 70mm, have several flavors such as Vanilla Yogurt, Strawberry, Orange, Chocolate and Cream cheese.
圆形甜点,圓形甜,the round shape dessert
Third, the Pètale is square, side length 35mm, have several flavors such as Vanilla Yogurt, Strawberry, Orange and Chocolate.

方形甜品,方形甜品,the square shape dessert

How about your thinking of this dessert shop? The more you look the more you are getting greedy. You can eat such a beautiful, delicious, healthy dessert only in Japan! If you have a chance come to Japan, don’t forget to go “Bavarian cream flowers ~ Havaro”.

They have three shops in Japan


Add: LAZONA Kawasaki 1F, Horikawa-Cho, Saiwai district, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Province

Tel: 044-874-8544

Opening hours: 10:00~21:00


Add:Ichiban-Cho 1F, Tokyo Station, Marunouchi 1-9-1, Chiyoda district, Tokyo

JR Tokyo Station(near by Yaesu North exit)

Tel: 03-3218-0051

Opening hours: Workday 9:00~20:30/Weekend or Holiday 9:00~20:00


Add: IKSPIARI 1F, Maihama1-4, Urayasu City, Chiba Province

JR Maihama Staition, South exit, 3 min walk.

Tel: 047-305-5705

Opening hours: Workday 11:00~21:00/Weekend or Holiday 10:00~21:00

Official Website: http://www.hana-no-babaroa.com/shop/

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