The Kyonan City of South Boso which is surrounded by the mountains and the sea has warm and moist claim and fresh air. You can have a relax physically and mentally in this beautiful city. Today I will introduce you a wonderful hot spring hotel in this city—Kinokuniya-Bettei Hotel for you to enjoy your relaxing holidays. There are only 5 rooms in this hotel which can provide a quiet and comfortable environment for you to spend a private and pleasure time with your partner.


The room layout of the 5 rooms is all different from each other although all of them are Japanese style. Each room has an out-door hot spring for you to relieve fatigue and stress from daily life. After the hot spring bath, you can enjoy the fresh seafood by a room service.


Kinokuniya-Bettei Hotel has a qualification to purchase their material from the near fishing port. They go to buy the seasonal seafood early in the morning every day to provide the freshest taste of the sea to the customers of the hotel. So just eat your fill of the delicious seafood in this relaxing hotel.


The breakfast they provide is rich in nutrition.

The dinner will serve you many kinds of seasonal foods like the assorted Sashimi of the fresh fishes purchased from the fishing port in the morning, roasted abalone and the sashimi of the live Ise shrimps and so on.


In the quiet and warm room of this hotel, you can spend a relaxing and satisfied time with your partner, just like at your own home which is a little warm house far away from the city.

The name of the hotel: Kinokuiya-Bettei

Address: 970-6 Tatsujima, Kyonan, Awa District, Chiba Prefecture

Reference Price: 25704yen〜for each person

Five rooms in total

Official Website:


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