It is a good time to enjoy the season of red leaves—autumn. The leaves will be all over the mountains and plains across Japan tourist attractions dressed like a raging fire. When mentioned Japan we always think of cherry blossoms, but red leaves are also welcomed by tourists. Have a autumn tour in Japan is recommended, because you can appreciate the beauty of red leaves while eating the seasonal dishes. Today I am going to introduce some scenic spot of red leaves near Tokyo.

1.MEI JI JINGU GAIEN Ginkgo Avenue

From Aoyama to MEI JI JINGU GAIEN, there are ginkgo trees on both sides of the road.

Here is one of the most famous attractions for enjoying the red leaves in Tokyo metropolitan.

The avenue is also often appear in drama and movies.


[Activity information]

Opening time: November 18th ~December 5th

On weekdays: 10:00 am~18:00 pm, Weekend and Holiday: 9:30 am~18:00 pm

(The last day is up to 14:00 pm)

MEI JI JINGU GAIEN 90th founding anniversary, The Twentieth times MEI JI JINGU GAIEN Ginkgo celebration (because of the weather, the activity may be aborted or canceled)

You can enjoy the live performances and all kinds of snacks around the roadside.

Travel mode: JR Chuo Sobu Line→ Shinanomachi→ 10 minutes walk

2.Mejiro Garden

Mejiro Garden is located in Toshima Area. It’s so quiet here that you temporarily forget the city noise. In the evening, the light are shining on the red leaves, looks more beautiful and moving. (Point: suggest you go to enjoy the red leaves after sunset)

「目白庭園 紅葉」の画像検索結果

Red leaves which reflected on the surface of the pond, are sparkling, showing a different side of the day.

「目白庭園 紅葉」の画像検索結果

[Activity information]

Opening time: November 25th , 2016(Friday) ~December 4th (Sunday)

Lighting time: 17:30 pm~20:00 pm(Final admission time: 20:30 pm)

Entrance fee: 200 yen ※ Under primary school students for free

Address: Tokyo Toshima Area, mejiro 3-20-18


Travel mode: JR Yamanote Line→ Mejiro→ 5 minutes walk

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