Last October, in Shonan Zushi coast popular attractions “wave of light project NIGHT WAVE” was open.

The main producer for the event, integrated producer – Light Scribe projection Association representative director, Mr. Michiko Ishi, Tokyo Lighting Design representatives,Mr. Daisuke Yano designer, special lighting / holo light-Pi Phonics Limited on behalf of Mr. Ikeda Yutaka expensive, and other famous people of the sea at night with red color.


Waves rolling to the white sandy beach on the night, will perform during the day is not the same with the beach, the fantastic show in front of the beach.

Shonan funny cotyledons Hill is one of the activities of the prosperous region. You can try to feel the beauty of the Shonan.


2016.8.8 (mon)~14(sun)
Zushi west coast beach, Zushi City, Kanagawa
2016.10.8 (Fri)~10(Mon)
Zushi Central Coast, Zushi City, Kanagawa

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