If you ever come to Tokyo, you should not miss Kamakura, the famous ancient city in Japan besides Kyoto and Nara, which is popular for its cultural and historical beauty. Some of the stories of Japanese movies, TV dramas, and animations are taken place here as well such as “Slam Dunk” and “Diary of the Haijie Street.” Some said that atmosphere in Kamakura is surrounded with romantic vibes, and I couldn’t agree more.

1Kamakura is a place where even you revisit it every now and then you will not get bored with it, so try visiting the city during different seasons and appreciate the different scenery it offers! After all, it is so convenient to travel from Tokyo as Fujisawa station at Kamakura is just approximately an hour away. After arriving at Fujisawa station, you can change to Enoden, a lovely green train traveling around the island. If you purchase the unlimited day pass at 600 yen, you can then enjoy your journey by visiting different locations easily at a bargain!

As the cherry blossom season is just around the corner, the Kotokuin, which is a temple about 8 minutes walk from “Hase station”, has became an extremely popular sightseeing spot. If the name of the temple sounds a bit unfamiliar, then Kamakura Buddha might be a well-known for most of you as the Kamakura Buddha is actually in the Kotokuin Temple. During the cherry blossoms season around March and April, this giant Buddha looks even more spectacular besides the beautifully blossoming flowers. The tickets are also very reasonable – 200 yen for adults and half price for children, and by paying additional 20yen you can actually get inside of the Buddha statue which is a very interesting experience!

Hase Temple is close to Kotokuin and it has a traditional Japanese building style.


Picture ref: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wtf317/8879364521/

And you can also see cute Jizo statues here and there.


Picture ref: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wtf317/8880086100/

The view in Hase Temple is amazing too. You can oversee Kamakura complemented with Cherry blossoms during spring and Hydrangea during summer.


Picture ref: http://www.storm.mg/lifestyle/124250

Kamakura mountain is also a nice spot to visit recently as there are 200 cherry blossom trees over there – Cherry blossom lovers don’t miss the chance!

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Writer: Amber