Yuzenzome is kimono dyeing technology of the world’s unparalleled superb technology. since  originated in 350 years ago in Kyoto.

Kyoto made of Yuzenzome “Kyoyuzen” delicate feel an the color of the bright gorgeous are very different.

As the Kyoto proud traditional handicrafts have been inherited to the present.


“Tatekomi Yuzen” techniques pattern dye to the paper, slip with handkerchief, fan, baggage skin, book cover,  and wallet.

You can choose what you like! “Tokyo fan”, “handkerchief”, “wallet ” and other items.

Usually with the props is made by hand in the process will be a sense of accomplishment.11000001171606_axuzprpc_411000001171607_wqluztx8_4

We recommended that you experience the beauty of Japan with your friends during your trip to Kyoto.


About possible number of people: 1 to 30 people

Meeting place: kyoyuzen experience Marumasu Nishimuraya

About Association: 2 days ago

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