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Japanese Sake is a brewed alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice and fermentation is a process where yeast converts sugar into alcohol. In Japan, it is the peak time for wine-cellar to make Sake in winter. Let’s go into the Sake world today – the taste, arts and culture of Japanese Sake.

Sekinoichi wine-cellar (世嬉之一)


Sekinoichi is located at Iwate prefecture, and it is just 15 mins walk from Ichinoseki Station. It is a vey big area, including wine-cellar, restaurants, direct-sale stores etc. There are not only Sake, but also with a variety of local beers, and this is also one of its features for Sekinoichi. Moreover, inside the 1918-constructed traditional architecture “Culture of Sake Museum”, you can learn a lot of knowledge about Sake and rice production.

  • Junmai DaiGinJyo (純米大吟釀) – Only one Sake in the World


Junmai DaiGinJyo (純米大吟釀) is one of the winner of the Best Sake Prize for Tohoku Sake Competition in 2016. The features for it is there are only 300 bottles limited in one case (10000yen). So, this is the reason for “Only one Sake in the World” is its brand concept.

  • Hideyoshi Kinpyo (秀良 金瓢 黃金乃葫蘆酒)


Hideyoshi Kinpyo (5093yen/1800ml) is one of the popular Japanese Sake in China. The golden-gourd shape and gold leaf inside the bottle make it becomes a grand and luxury brand.

Besides these two Sake recommendations, sparking wine is also another popular choice. We are sure you can enjoy a day with Sake world in Sekinoichi wine-cellar.

Official Website: http://sekinoichi.co.jp/ (only Japanese)

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