Tokyo, what else except eat, drink and shopping?

Here is one more suggestion for you. And it just takes less than one hour by train from Shinjuku. It is a very popular hiking spot for the locals and it is easy to climb. In addition to that, the amazing scenery changes along the 4 seasons, like in Spring is Cherry blossom, and in fall will take you to the Maple blossom.

Mt Takao is located in the western part of Tokyo with 599-meter tall and is assigned as one of the Japanese National Park.

The magnificent beauty of Mt Takao attracts 2.5 million visitors annually, which is the top of the world.

Spiritual Temple – Yakuoin.



It is really easy to get to Mt Takao. The most convenient way is take the Keio line train to Takaosan-Guchi station and it takes 45 minutes. For those JR users, you can also take the JR Chou line to Takaosan Station, and then change to Keio line.

Hiking Route

There are six routes to the top of 599-meter summit high. For instance, the number 6trail will take you pass through valley rivers, and let you feel the silence and beauty of nature. Moreover, as the theme of this route is Biwa Waterfall, if you are lucky enough, you may be able to see some monks carrying out special training under the waterfall. However, for those first time visitors, it is suggested to have the least difficult way – trail number 1 which will pass through the observation deck, some food vendors, and one of the most historical temple Yakuoin.


Spring – Cherry Blossom




Winter – Plum Blossom


To gaze out at Mount Fuji


Railway Station

It takes around 100 minutes to finish the Mt Takao by walking. If you want to save time and energy, you can take the Takaosan Ropeway or Railway. The ticket price is the same. For Takaosan railway, every 15 minutes one trip. And for Ropeway, all day service within the office hour. Please think about your physical strength and schedule to see whether you need the service or not. By the way, the office hour for Railway will be adjusted according to the sunset time every day. So, pay attention to the last train if you are preparing to use the service next time.

Takaosan Railway/Ropeway

One way: Adult 480Yen, Child 240Yen

Round-trip: Adult 930Yen, Child 460Yen

Railway Office Hour: 0800 – Sunset (Adjust every month)

Ropeway Office Hour: 0900 – 1630 (5月~11月)9:00~16:00(12月~4月)

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