When it comes to traditional Japanese culture, Sumo is definitely one of the most important and well-respected elements. Even though Sumo wrestlers are mostly seen on TV or actual matches, some of them live in Ryogoku of Tokyo so if you are lucky enough you may even bump into them on the street! If you are interested to understand and experience more about the Japanese Sumo culture, here is a day tour which you can interact with wrestlers face-to-face, and have a taste of Chanko-nabe hotpot, the weight-gaining stew consumed by strong wrestlers!


At this place belonging to Ryogoku’s team, you can learn about sumo’s history, techniques, watch their professional performance and actually experience “fighting” with them! Demonstration is also available in English.


As for meals, Chanko-nabe (Sumo wrestlers’ dish) as well as Genghis Khan dishes will be served. Chanko-nabe is a typical Sumo wrestlers’ hot pot dish. It generally contains meatballs, various vegetables and udon noodle, which is delicious and nutritious. Sumo wrestlers almost consume such kind of meal every day, and it’s getting popular among local citizens as well!


The dining space is simple and nice, spacious and bright, a great place to soak up the Sumo culture here.


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