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In Japanese, there is a word “Joshikai”(”女子會”) which can be directly translated to “Girls Gathering” in English. That means only girls! Japan girls seem to like this kind of gathering a lot, like they will go for dinner, karaoke, or even travel together. So, they can enjoy girls talk, girls gossiping, or girls party…etc.

女子會,女子会,girls party

Today we are going to introduce a restaurant named “CAFE/BAR BSM” in where is doing some discount set meal promotion, for example, you can get 45% discount for 5500yen set dinner down to 2980yen now. What more for that is you can have free drinks for 2 hours. So, just spend a Izakaya price, but you can enjoy delicious food and drinks in a more elegant environment with more high-class atmosphere. This should be a great recommendation for your tourist friends.

酒吧餐廳BSM,酒吧餐厅BSM,the CAFE/BAR BSM酒吧餐廳BSM,酒吧餐厅BSM,the CAFE/BAR BSM

Discount Set meal:

  • Seasonal Salad
  • Palma 14-month raw Ham
  • Fried potato chips and Cheddar cheese
  • Home-made roasted beef
  • Japanese mushroom and bacon creamy rice
  • Chef-made Catalunya caramel puddine

料理,料理,the food料理,料理,the food

Drink Bar: over 200 kinds of cocktails, shandy gaff, beers, sparking wine, France red-wine and white-wine, whiskey and some more western alcohols. It is 2 hours for the free drink bar, and last order will be 20 mins before the time finish.

酒水,酒水,the drink酒水,酒水,the drink

Pay Attention

  • Extra 1000Yen for every male customer.
  • Last order is 8pm for this discount set meal, and it is limited to 2 hours for every group of customer.
  • No credit cards for discount set meal.
  • Number of customers is restricted to 2-20 people.
  • Cancelling charges for 100% on the appointed day, and 50% for one day before.

Address: Shimada Building 1F, Shinjuku 3-20-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access: JR Shinjuku Station walk for 2 mins, and Tokyo Metro Shinjuku-sanchomei walk for 3mins
Open: 12pm – 2am
Phone: 03-5919-1985
Close: none
Car-park: none
Budget: lunch 1000yen; dinner 2800yen
Official Website:

套餐,套餐,the set

This already makes you mouth-watering by just seeing the pictures. Also, the price is really reasonable. So, don’t hesitate to make a reservation through tripla App now.

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