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Welcome to Japan! Do you like hot-spring (Onsen)? Yes! However, there are so many hot-spring spots in Japan. Which one is the best? Actually, it is really depends on your traveling plan. Here is one of our suggestions today.

Let’s say, if your plan is to watch some natural and historical sights which are far from the downtown, then it is better to stay at some hot-spring hotels around the sightseeing places, because this can solve the accommodation problem and at the same time, you can enjoy a traditional hot-spring. However, if your purpose is for sightseeing and shopping around Tokyo city but also want to experience some kinds of traditional hot-spring, then we will suggest you have one -day trip at some popular hot-spring sites, and here is one of the recommendations.

Tensei-en Hot-spring Hotel is located at Hakone where is famous for lots of popular hot-spring sites.

天成園溫泉旅館,天成园温泉旅馆,tenseien hot spring hotel天成園溫泉旅館外觀,天成园温泉旅馆外观,the appearance of the hotel

Attractive features for Tensei-en Hot-spring Hotel
First, it is close to Tokyo, just take the Odakyu Romancecar from Shinjuku to  Hakone Yumoto and then walk from the station or take bus. It takes 1.5 hour to reach the sight only, and that’s really convenience.

Second, opposite to most of hot-spring sites, there is no time limitation for Tensei-en Hot-spring Hotel. It opens from 10am to 9am the next day which means you can enjoy hot-spring as long as you like within these 23 hours. There is additional fee for night period like adults is 1500YEN, and child is 900YEN, but that’s still cheap.

屋頂露天溫泉,屋顶露天温泉,the outdoor hot spring on the rooftop of the building(Special Outdoor Onsen)

Third, the private bath-room is open to everyone even tourists are not stay in the hotel. Tensei-en Hot-spring Hotel provides one-day trip special plan for tourists and they are allowed to book the private both-room services like other customers. So, you can enjoy a private time with you be loved one or family in Tensei-en Hot-spring Hotel.

可以使用私人溫泉澡堂,可以使用私人温泉澡堂,the private hot spring bathroom is available(Private Bath-room)

Fourth, Tensei-en Hot-spring Hotel is close to some famous spots like Tamadare waterfalls and Tamadare Shrine. Tourists can enjoy both sightseeing and hot-spring at the same time.

玉簾瀑布,玉簾瀑布,the tamadare waterfall玉簾神社,玉簾神社,the tamadare jinjia

Final, Tensei-en Hot-spring Hotel provides beauty-services, massage, foot-treatment…etc.so you can fully relax yourself after enjoying hot-spring. There are restaurants inside the hotel. If you need more information for some more special discount plan, please visit the official website. English consultation is available.


Official Website: http://www.japanican.com/en/hotel/detail/4306031/?ar=1406
Free supply: Towels, bath towels, and bathrobe
Address: 682 Yumoto, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
Fee: Secondary school students or above 2300YEN, primary students 1200YEN, 3 years old  or above children 900YEN, under 3 years old is free. (Tax excluded) ** Fee only for hot-spring and public rest room, not include lunch and private bath-room.**
Reservation phone: 0460-83-8511 (English ok!)

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