Tokyo in October is full of the Halloween atmosphere, and of course you can’t miss the annual event of the Tokyo Disneyland—Halloween 2016 in Disneyland. The event will be held during 9th September 2016 to 31st October for 53 days. A great music festival will be planed together by the Disney stars and the Halloween ghosts and skulls to provide you a lively and interesting Halloween.

The Entertainment Show— Halloween Lively Music Festival

The Disney stars including Mikey, Minnie, and Donald Duck, the stars from Toy Story, and the other world famous entertainment stars will show on their special clothes that fit to the music style. The design of the festooned vehicles will use the elements of pumpkin and skulls which can make you feel the special atmosphere of Halloween. The procession will stop for a while at 9 places, and if the Disney stars invite you to clap your hands with the music, please show your enthusiasm and clap and cheer with them to make the music festival more exciting.
The location of the show: the procession path

The duration of the show: about 50 minutes(two shows each day)

The number of people in the show: about 90 people

The number of the festooned vehicles: 6

**The entertainment show may be changed or canceled because of the bad weather or the other special reasons.

The Haunted Mansionthe nightmare of the vocation


**The picture only supplies the reference**

The entertainment facility The Haunted Mansionwill be specially decorated with the idea of the movie「The Nightmare Before Christmas」to provide you a horrible and exciting Halloween night.

The decoration of the Disneyland


**The picture only supplies the reference**

With the whole park decorated specially, Disneyland will welcome the visitors with its flourishing Halloween atmosphere during the Halloween. For example, the decoration like pumpkin lights and the spider web will be hung in the middle of the World Bazaar and the cross street for the first time. And the West Park, the Dream Park and the Cartoon City will be decorated by the different kinds of pumpkin and ghosts as before to make you feel a real and happy Halloween.

The special food & beverage


**The special food & beverage began to sell from 1st September**

The Disney Hotel


Limited commodities for Halloween


The rules about the costume when entrance to the park

Kids under 12 years old are welcomed to enter the park on the costume of a Disney star at any time.

The other visitors can come with your Halloween costume during the first week and the last week of the special activity 「Halloween in Disneyland」( 9th September~15th September&25th October~31st October,14 days for total)Some of the facilities may decline the use of the visitors with special costume.

For more details please visit the official website of Tokyo Disneyland

The English official website of Tokyo Disneyland

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