The Barbecue Terrace in Kayasaki is opening now for you to enjoy the beautiful sea view of Enoshima Island while having a barbecue with your friends. The wonderful views in your sight will bring you a whole new world. The comfortable terrace and the smell of the sea will make you feel relaxed in your one-day trip in this crowed and busy city Tokyo.


Here are some more details for you.The roof terrace is near to the Kayasaki Station, and was built in the winter of 2015. It is a wonderful location where you can see Shonan Beach, Enoshima Island and Mountain Fuji. The terrace is very spacious which has 100 seats for you to use.


The time limit is 3 hours, and the cooking equipment and the tableware is free for you to rent. They also provide you the food and drinks which you have to make a reservation in advance, or you can bring the food and drinks by yourself.


Of course you can use it in the daytime when you can enjoy the sunlight and blue sky, but I think the brilliantly illuminated night view may be more worthy of recommendation.


The price of the food and drinks is as follow:


The Main Set Meal: The set of “pork +beef+chicken”(9000yen~/ for 5~6people)

The Optional Set Meal: The set of “fish+rice+bread+dessert”(1100yen each person※available for at least 5 persons)

Food for single order: Beef/Pork/Chicken/Fish/Vegetable(1000yen~)


Self-service Drinks:Alcohol+Soft Drinks(1500yen each person)

Only Soft Drinks: (500yen each person)

Drinks for single order: Bear 600yen,Wine(red・white)500yen, Shochu(sweet potato)500yuen, Cocktail 600yen, Soft Drinks 250yen

It is opened from 2016/04/30(Saturday) to 11/30(Wednesday)

Welcome to use tripla.

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