There are three-largest Vortex in the world, Moskstraumen Vortex in Norway, the Old Sow Vortex between Canada United States, and Naruto Vortex in Japan.

鸣门大桥,鳴門大橋,Naruto bridge鸣门大桥,鳴門大橋,Naruto bridge

Naruto Vortex is in northeast of Tokushima Naruto strait, Japan. Strait connecting Japan’s Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Naruto strait ebbs and flows twice a day. A large number of sea water flow into the seto inland sea, and out of it flow into the Pacific Ocean twice a day, rising up to 1.5m. The width of the narrowest place of Strait only about 1.4m. Narrow terrain and complex seabed structures, makes the water with an average of 13 to 15 km/h fast flow. When spring tide come, the water even up to 20 km/h fast, it is one of the world’s three current.

旋涡成因,旋渦成因,Vortex Genesis

Naruto Vortex is formed because the fast water flow in Strait. Vortex appears twice a day. There are two of the best spots to watch Vortex.

  1. Mount the vortex road, view from the top

【Vortex Road】

涡之道,渦之道,Vortex Road

观赏旋涡,觀賞旋渦,Watch the vortex

< Address > Ming town Naruto, Tokushima-Cho (the Naruto Park)

< Opening hours>9:00~18:00 (March-September)

9:00~17:00 (October to February)

during national day Golden Week and summer 8:00~19:00

Admission is closed 30 minutes before closed

< admission fee > 510 Yen/Adult

410 Yen/ Middle and High school students

250 yen/ primary school students

(you can use coupons)

< Transportation > JR Tokushima station → Naruto Tokushima bus trip to the Park (approximately 60 minutes)

Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway “Naruto North IC” → about 5 minutes by car

< Tel >088-683-6262


  1. View from ship

【Vortex tide ship】

乘船,乘船,By boat

< Ride > Tokushima Naruto ‘ Naruto Park turtle pumped sightseeing Harbor

< Opening hours > 9:00~16:20 (about 30 minutes per class)

< Cost > 1800 Yen/Adult   900 yen/ child

< Transportation > reached by route bus from Tokushima station about 1 hour and 10 minutes, Naruto station about 20 minutes

< Tel > 088-687-010

* Large ship walk-in tide. Who want to experience high tide the ship with water Outlook need an appointment. It will let you enjoy more intuitive, immersive experience Naruto Vortex.

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