Take a refreshing breeze in the morning and take sky walk in the Tokachi plain. Relax and unwind, get on a hot air balloon, experience a different trip, “Hokkaido Tokachi” hot air balloon project to provide you with such an opportunity.


This time we recommend Hokkaido’s tokatsu hot air balloon project. Here are more than 20 years experience in flight, representing Japan’s top professional pilots, allowing you to rest assured that the security of the “wind fly”.


At summer, where the a fresh green; at spring and autumn, where the stitching of all kinds of tricks; at winter, covered with a layer of snow here. There is nothing better than a hot air balloon ride over Hokkaido to let you enjoy the beautiful nature of the gift. With the hot balloon slowly rising, the breeze flowing from the side. When the weather is excellent, the hot air balloon can even rise to 300 meters above ground level.


Minimum: 2 persons
The number of possible appointments: 1 to 10 people
Time: Mid July – March 31st
Meeting time: July(5: 00 ~) August-September (5:30 ~)October-November (6: 00 ~) December-March (6: 30 ~)
The total time required is 3 hours, and the hot air balloon flight time is 30 minutes
Meeting place: Shikaoi-cho, Michinoekiurimaku packing space
Appointment time: 3 days before the deadline
Clothing: Please wear warm clothes and sports shoes

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