When you travel to Hokkaido, it is luck if you run into theri local activities. Every year, there will be a “shiratori Festival” hold at shizukawa of Hokkaido. who came here and held.Sairinka is a fantastic, unique winter event featuring light objects of all sizes and colors.

The illumination using about 600 colored light bulbs to decorate and create a fantastic romantic forest night at winter.


(The use of farm insulation materials commonly used)

It also has a very good name which is called [color Yanhua], no one has ever seen, no one has experienced the dream of the United States in the winter, the silver earth and the sky filled with crystal stars, bright colors Of the brilliant light and eye-catching, as if the winter snow kingdom of the door is opening.


The frozen yet firm snow-covered ground, the night sky filled with twinkling stars and countless lights with colors and warmth combine to take visitors to a whole new world of fantasy.

Venue Tokachigogaoka Park
Address 〒080-0262
Hokkaido, otofuke, Kato-gun otofuke-Cho 10 tokachigawa Onsen North 14
TEL Otofuke-Cho 10 tokachigawa Onsen Tourist Association 0155-32-6633
Light-up time 2017/1/21~2/26 (19:00~21:00)
Parking 100 cars free
Cost Free (outdoor experience have fee)

Traffic:JR【Obihiro station】Bus Terminal→  「Tochikawa Space」to get on the bus,「Garden spaTochikawa Spa」to get off the bus.

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