Hoshino Resort

TOMAMU Ski Resort is the largest comprehensive ski resort in Hoshino Group. There are 23 ski slopes with different difficulty. The longest one is 4000 meters, which can let you experience the pleasure of flying straight down! In addition to winter sports for adults, TOMAMU also set up specifically for children to play the snow park, let the children in a variety of interesting activities in the snow fell in love with this winter.


Do not love skiing does not matter, TOMAMU resort has all Japan’s largest wave of warm water swimming pool, when the cold outside the muscle thorough bore, the indoor you like a tropical seaside resort, this through-style experience is hard to get it! In the resort, Mr. Tadao Ando designed the water of the church, is also extremely dreamy.
Address: Hokkaido Yufutsu County Shimukappu village Tomamu
Tel: 167-58-1111
Website: http://www.snowtomamu.jp/winter/


Lake Akan

It takes about 2 hours from Hoshino Resort to Lake Akan and is the oldest national park in Hokkaido. The magnificent scenery, hot springs be famous. Here you can watch the winter hanging in the air and the water vapor formed ice beads glittering phenomenon.


After the winter, the end of the thick ice of the Akan Lake, like the ice amusement park carnival also has many very recommended at their own expense with the family fun snow activities! Snow locomotives, banana boats, fishing on the ice, for everyone with fun saw ice experience and other fun activities for the ice world of the lake is full of joy. Gourmet area can experience in the snow on the earth to enjoy the sweet wine, warm milk simple indeed fortunate. At night you can also enjoy the beautiful lake fireworks display.
Address: Kocho-gun, Hokkaido

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