Do you have such experiences want to take the baby to travel to the baby more knowledge of the outside world, however, with the baby to travel really is a very troublesome thing. First of all, you want to bring things to list a single I am afraid you can immediately give up. But do not worry, there are some hotels in Japan specifically for the baby with a special trip to the tourists prepared a variety of intimate services, so you can also enjoy your baby with a comfortable and convenient travel. This service is called baby welcome.


Today I would like to introduce this hotel is located in Karuizawa called Green Plaza hotel. Karuizawa is a famous tourist destination in Japan, and one of Japan’s largest shopping paradise Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza.


From a spacious and warm room with a bed that can sleep for several people, from one room for a family with baby to a baby seat in the room, a toy, a baby’s kit, and a baby’s bath Chairs and baby shower gel, to the hotel buffet chef carefully prepared baby food supplement, and even the hotel specifically for the children set up a toy play area, is simply too intimate too humanized.

Here to be particularly recommended is that they introduced the hotel for the baby’s family prepared baby plan package. This package has the following characteristics.


The rooms are cute, warm and spacious, and the beds are big enough for the baby to sleep together.


The room a variety of baby supplies complete, mother do not have to pack a lot of things with a small package to travel, easy to save trouble.


There is a baby bath room and a waiting room for the mom and dad to change clothes.


The hotel also has a play area specially set for the baby children, parents no longer have to worry about the children live in the hotel boring.


Accommodation This hotel can enjoy a buffet dinner, you can choice Western style and Japanese style, there are specially prepared for the baby food supplement buffet, do not worry about the baby out to eat.



Finally, this package also presented the hotel near the toy kingdom amusement park tickets, you can take the children to play. The price of the package in about ten thousand to twenty thousand yen, according to the date of stay and the number of different prices are different, the specific can go to the official website, they have Chinese and English pages.

The hotel’s specific information is as follows:


Address: 2277 Woji-gun Tsumurai-cho osowara, Gunma

Tel: 050-5865-3377


Transportation: From Tokyo-Shinkansen Shinkansen to Karuizawa (60 minutes), Karuizawa Station has a hotel shuttle bus that can be reached directly to the hotel (60 minutes)

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