The nearest station to IKSPIARI is Maihama Station, which is a commercial street within Tokyo Disneyland. Facilities are divided into many areas, each area according to their theme design modification, shops, restaurants, cinema, and other facilities. In particular, there is Tokyo Disneyland on the first floor tour booking center. Here in addition to the sale of Tokyo Disney, Tokyo Disney Sea sale tickets and other services.


Each mall will have year-end activities. IKSPIARI also hosts many events. To introduce a few special activities bar.

1. Discount Activities (IKSPIARI THE SALE)


The period is from 12/26 (Monday) to 1/9 (Monday)

About 70 stores in winter will buy goods will be 3 fold from the sale of special! Do not miss this opportunity.

2. Concert (Count Down Live 2017)


12/31 (Saturday) ~

On New Year’s Eve, They will be open all night. They will live for you to play more than the familiar 70 to 80 years of classic pop songs, with dance and music to the end of the countdown carnival more grand.

* 12/31 The restaurant is open until 27:00 and the restaurant is open until 25:00

◆ Session 1: 18: 00 ~ 20: 00 Live Dance, Session 2: 23: 30 ~ 24: 15 Live Performance

Location: 2F Celebration Plaza

Admission: free of charge

3  Maihama spring bag sales


12/31 (Saturday) ~

At the end of the year-end countdown, we will start selling “Maihama New Year’s spring Bags” at 0:00 on 1/1. About 70 shops prepare blessing bags for you.

* 12/31 The restaurant is open until 27:00 and the restaurant is open until 25:00

Address 1-1, Maihama, Urayasu City, Chiba
Tel 047-305-2525
Access JR Maihama Station (South Exit)
Direct access to the resort terminal
Hours 10: 00 ~ 23: 00 (according to different business hours of different shops)

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