Located in the Enoshima island of aquarium sea is hosting a romantic underwater world – ” (Night Wonder) Aquarium 2016 ~ moonlight floating aquarium ~”.

Illuminate the moonlight of life


The protagonist of a variety of fish to digital technology, lighting, sound and the formation of the moon light shining. The birth of the sea in the growth reflects the mystery of the sea. The period is 12/25 (days). The recent holding period is 11/1 (fire) ~ 12/25 (day).

 Jellyfish Dream Hall


Jellyfish Dream Hall is one of the few jellyfish space in the world.

Deep Sea II- Deep Sea 2000


From 1982 to 2002, after more than 20 years, you can see close to deep sea research to contribute to the development of leap, Japan’s first real manned diving survey ship.

 Dolphin show


Dolphins and sea lions to bring you a wonderful performance. So that everyone with laughter and full of vitality back.

Girls like shiny ice


The blue Hawaiian shimmering shaved ice reminds the night sky. It is limited goods. In addition, there are many period-limited goods.

Name: (Night Wonder) Aquarium 2016 ~ moonlight floating aquarium ~
Period: 7/16 (earth) to 12/25 (day)
Time: 17: 00 ~ 20: 00
Venue: Shinjuku Island Aquarium
Address: 2-19-1 Kanagawa City, Kanagawa
Tickets: Adults ¥ 2,100, College students ¥ 1,500, Junior high school students ¥ 1,000, Young children (¥ 3 or older) ¥ 600
URL: http: //www.enosui.com/

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