At the end of the year, Japan’s major shopping malls and duty-free shops also started their year-end and early-year promotion activities in response to the increasing number of tourists in Japan. This also greatly satisfied many overseas tourists who love Japanese goods. However, many tourists came to Japan, shopping in a foreign country, many things are unclear, much of what to buy obtained information from a friend around, the Japanese popular products are maybe ignored. Today, let us go into the Japan drug store, find goods of Japanese like to buy. Come and have a look!


  1. Kao steam eye mask

Kao steam eye mask as the name, is the patch to heat, the temperature at 40 degrees Celsius, can maintain heat for about 15 minutes after opened. I think this good is no stranger to you, it can help relieve fatigue and dry eyes.

Kao steam eye mask

It also has different kinds of fragrance, so that you can choose the one which you like to help relax the spirit. Patch package, clean, easy to carry. Weather it is an office break, or a long-time flight, you can use it anytime, anywhere you like. (Not reusable)

(Not repeatable)

  1. eye drops

No matter in which country, eye drops are believed to be the necessities of the population. Rapid development of science and technology, more and more electronic products into the human life, work on computers, stare at mobile phones has become a habit. As we need to use eyes for everywhere, eye drops demand is also growing.

Japan eyedropsJapan eyedrops

In fact, in Japan, anti-fatigue effect, redness, irritation, conjunctivitis, and so the efficacy of different eye drops, there is no rank of which is the best seller, people choose the eyedrops should base on their own needs.


  1. Painkillers

First came to Japan found that painkiller is a necessary drug for many people. Japanese medicine is generally divided into three categories: class I of drugs, those drugs are not suitable for everyone, so it must be recognized by pharmacists and then it can be sell; class II and class III drugs can be purchased directly. Here to introduce the most popular drug painkillers EVE of class II. Whether headache, toothache, physical pain, muscle pain, and so on can be used.

EVE A painkillerEVE QUICK PainkillerEVE EX painkiller

There are several series, thecolor of the box is not the same: white EVE A is the basic models; blue box EVE QUICK is available and quickly than the white basic models while containing the protection of the stomach composition; Blue and gold EVE DX is an upgraded version of the blue; Gray EVE EX is the most effective one, for some of the painkillers have been resistant to the design of the population.


  1. soy milk facial cleanser

In addition to the blue section of the Shiseido facial cleanser, in fact, there is a facial cleanser sweeping the streets in Japan, it’s soy milk face cream. Soy milk this brand has been out for a long time, but relatively speaking, foreign tourists prefer the blue section of the Shiseido facial cleanser, and soy milk face cream is a Japanese girl’s favorite.

Shiseido Cleansing creamSoy milk facial cleanser

he foam is very rich, wash your face as comfortable as a massage, the most important thing is that after washing the skin tight, moisturizing intensity is high, clean power is quite good, but also you a white tender and tender face.

Soy milk series skin care products



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