With the beginning of winter in the past, the weather is become more and more cold. If you are planning a Spring Festival to Japan to cure a trip, presumably must  arranged to go to a Japanese-style hot spring hotel to enjoy the hot spring journey! Then, recently published “Japan Hot Spring Hotel TOP5”, will be able to give you some help schedule! Take a look at which are five Hotels!

5.Izu-Nagaoka hot springs


Spring ryokan Hotel on the Tripadvisor website, score up to ultra-high 4.5 points! In addition to a number of open-air hot springs, Spring ryokan Hotel also offers indoor hot springs for guests who want to enjoy personal space, and all of them have a healing effects, your stress  can be washed away with the hot spring water.

Website: http://www.izunagaoka-yoshiharu.co.jp/

4.North Yuzawa Onsen Yumoto horohoro Sanso


Horohoro, in Hokkaido of Japan, offers guests 10 special hot springs, and the surrounding scenery is even more dizzying, definitely able to attract guests to go again.

Website: http://www.horohoro-sanso.com/

3. Lead Springs rattan 3 ryokan


Rattan3 hotel has five fountains for guests to provide hot springs. The three hotels in the rattan, the most special is their open-air hot springs, in addition to a patchwork of stone from the waterfall overlooking the landscape more.

Website: http://www.namari-onsen.co.jp/

2.Naruko Onsen Private open-air wind Lu Inn Onuma


The hotel has been operating a hot spring hotel over a hundred years, hotels in Onuma was described as a hot spring paradise, with seven indoor hot springs, of which 5 can be reserved for private use. What is even more is the hotel Onuma open-air hot spring is the first-class landscape.

Website: http://www.ohnuma.co.jp/en/index.htm

1.Ikaho hot springs


With its 400-year history, the hotel is still attracting visitors from Japan and abroad, thanks to its modern facilities. In addition to two large co-bath rooms for men and women alternate use by date, the hotel Onuma has 21 different baths, including open-air hot springs.

Website: https://www.hotel-kogure.com

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