On 9th of Oct 2015, “General incorporated association YAKEI Convention & Visitors Bureau” held the ‘2015 YAKEI Summit” in Kobe. (YAKEI means Night scenery in Japanese.) The new top-3 Night-Scenery Spots were announced at the summit. They are Nagasaki, Sapporo, and Kobe according to the ranking.

The New Top-3 Night-Scenery Spots was voted by 4500 assigned persons. Every person can select 5 spots. Then the selected spots will be arranged according to districts. Finally, the committee count the votes to get the results.

First place: Nagasaki
長崎夜景, 日本三大夜景Nagasaki
is belong to Kyushu prefecture in which there are many popular night scene spots like Inasayama, Nabekansan, Glover Garden. Also, the illumination events and candle-light festival adding to the attractiveness of Nagasaki night scenery. This is the reason it is elected as the Number one of Japan.
長崎, 女神大橋, 夜景Megami-Bridge as the background makes it more beautiful!

Second Place: Sapporo City
札幌, 夜景

In Hokkaido, there are many famous night scenery cities, for example Hakodate and Muroran, but Sapporo City won the competition this time. The renovation of Moiwayama is one the reasons for it. Some other factors including the increasing popularity of Okura and Sapporo TV-tower. A lot of people think they can only admire the best night scenery under fresh-air in Hokkaido. In addition to that, a lots of night activities like Sapporo Snow Festival and White Illumination Festival together make Sapporo become Number 2.
札幌夜景, 大通公園, 世界三大夜景

Third Place: Kobe City
神戶, 世界三夜景, 日本
Whenever you admire the night scene of Kobe from Rokkosan, Mayasan or Port tower, or illumination of Kobe Bridge, all the lightings add together just make the whole Kobe night scenery too beautiful to skip it. This is why it is selected as Number 3.
六甲山, 摩耶山, 神戶港塔, 神戶大橋, 日本三大夜景
According to the “General incorporated association YAKEI Convention & Visitors Bureau”, as the competition among cities has become greater and greater, they decided to have the best night-scene election every three years.

At the same time, the official released the top-10 night-scenes in Japan.

  1. Nagasaki 2. Sapporo City  3. Kobe City  4. Hakodate  5. North Kyushu
    6. Osaka 7.Yokoyama 8. Tokyo  9. Kyoto  10. Nagoya

Which place is your best night scene for Japan?

Official Websitehttp://jptop3.yakeikentei.jp/ (only Japanese)

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