Hello everybody! Christmas is coming soon. Don’t you want to eat something like dessert or buy some chocolate? Today, we will recommend you a dessert shop in Tokyo Roppongi. It is “LOUANGE TOKYO”

“LOUANGE TOKYO” is an Ultra-luxurious and ultra-high-level chocolate even the stars are like it very much. It is a kind of chocolate from the Japan dessert shop “LT (LOUANGE TOKYO)” that often appear in the well-known artist’s birthday, Ferragamo gathering or Luxury feast. It is made by First-class material, First-class pastry division, First-class style. Every link is treated thoroughly.


It is not only provides a dessert, but also contains the concept about “time” and “space”. Making a dessert is just like doing art. The concept will bring a fresh power to dessert industry.


Different from the general shape of chocolate particles. “LOUANGE TOKYOU” is a kind of chocolate interpreted as art. Only in the “LOUANGE TOKYO”, you can buy this 100% original world’s top chocolate dessert. Because of love, so you can not help but want to give her the best.Do you?


LOUANGE TOKYO (ルワンジュ東京 )

Type dessert


Add 7-17-14, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

7-17-14, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

ルワンジュ東京 - 地図
Access 186m from Roppongi station
Hours of operation [Mon~Sat]

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