Kaiseki cuisine is the most acclaimed style of Japanese cuisine, whether it is cooking methods, or appearance, are extremely delicate. The kaiseki cuisine is a seasonally important ingredient that is unique in the pursuit of the ingredients. Therefore, the use of carefully selected dishes in the seasonal ingredients. For example, the spring bamboo shoots, autumn Tricolor, early summer bonito and so on. And sometimes will be the first to select a variety of seasonal ingredients in the “Hashiri” (the first batch of seasonal ingredients to goods) for food materials.
Although the kaiseki dishes are small in every dish, the beauty of Japanese culture is ubiquitous in the mix of ingredients and shades, the cutting of the ingredients, the decoration, and the utensils.

Kikunoi Akasaka


Senior Pavilion “Kikunoi” head office in Kyoto, Akasaka store is located in Tokyo. Into the door, bamboo stretches, Japanese-style building to create an elegant atmosphere, people seem to feel in Kyoto. There is also a private room. 7 to 8 minute walk from the hotel.

Address: 6-13-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3568-6055

Japanese cuisine Hihumian (ひ ふ み あ ん)


“Hifumian” is located in a full of old Japanese flavor – “Sendagi”, is a Japanese-style restaurant. Lunch and dinner are limited to two groups of guests. Here, you can enjoy the hospitality and casual Japanese cuisine in every possible way. In the concept of “Making dishes and conveying the charm of Japanese culture”, the shop opens a Japanese class for foreigners in the Kagurazaka Senior Suite.

Address: 4-2-18,Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5832-8677

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