Time flies really fast, but also to a flash of Christmas. Japan has now begun to prepare for the arrival of Christmas with all kinds of it. Do you have friends who come to Japan for Christmas shopping and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Christmas in Japan? Today, we recommend this one for you and a good Christmas dating a good restaurant.

First of all, when it comes to Japan’s Christmas must be emphasized that every year in Japan will be held around the light show you, a thick romantic atmosphere of Christmas, it is really beautiful. Today to introduce the hotel, is specifically for you to find the Christmas lights in the popular area of Marunouchi in the vicinity of Avenue, when the time that the whole 1.2km of the streets will be 1.3 million LED light ball decorated Up, bring you a romantic Christmas night. After a romantic dinner, and then with your lover hand in this wonderful lights dim, is really a fantastic scene.


We recommend to you this restaurant name of Kaiseki Kitaohji Yaesu Saryo.


The reason for recommending this hotel is
1. Location is good, located in JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Central exit 3 minutes walk from the distance, convenient transportation.
2. Christmas day to facilitate the lights.
3.If you come to Japan, you have to try the authentic Japanese cuisine, which is an authentic banquet restaurant that can bring you authentic Japanese banquet dishes to enjoy, but to other countries Are difficult to taste to.
4. Store atmosphere is really good, simple and elegant traditional Japanese-style decoration, a single but tall, from the seats to the decoration to the tableware, coupled with elegant Japanese kimono waitress, everywhere reveals a thick And style, so you always feel exotic.


5. The most important point is that all the rooms are a private room, to bring you the quiet and relax private space.


6. Of course, the cuisine here is not only fresh and delicious, more dazzling appearance, fully embodies the delicate Japanese soft, the price is not expensive, dinner budget in 6000-8000 yen per person, usually dinner is 10,000 people per day , If you book Saturday night, then only 6,000 yen per person, this year’s Christmas Eve is just on Saturday, and quickly make an appointment in advance it. This is a bargain for banquets, and there is no reason why you can not enjoy high-quality Japanese cuisine at an affordable price.


The restaurant’s specific information is as follows

Name: Kaiseki Kitaohji Yaesu Saryo.

Address: 1st Floor, TD Building, 1-2-5, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access: JR Tokyo Station, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Kyobashi Station, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Nihonbashi Station
Tel: 050-3381-0813
Palace Industry Time:
11:30 to 14:00 (LO 13:00)
From 17:00 to 22:30 (LO 21:00)
on Saturday
11:30 to 15:00 (LO 13:00)
From 17:00 to 21:00 (LO 19:00)
Closed: Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays
Credit cards available: VISA / Master / JCB / Amex / Diners / DC / UC / UFJ

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